Fishing Boats

Australian Master Marine can offer solutions when it comes to manufacturing your ideal boat. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience in the marine industry we specialise in custom building plate aluminium trailerable fishing boats and cruisers, large and small.

AMM have always aimed to manufacture the very highest standard of plate alloy boats from the best materials whilst incorporating the latest in design technologies, and our customers and marine experts readily acknowledge this fact. Anyone who has ever owned or skippered an AMM can attest to their fast, dry and extremely stable ride.

Often with other manufacturers there is a disconnect between the builder and the customer, however at AMM we welcome customer interaction. We find that all of our owners enjoy the build process as much as we enjoy building them the boat of their dreams. The ability to tailor our plate aluminium boats to each individual’s requirements enables us to offer you the boat you really want instead of accepting the limitations of other brands.

AMM employs only qualified craftsmen with an unwavering attention to detail that leaves most of the industry constantly trying to catch up. This ensures that your investment in an AMM fishing boat, or cruiser, will reward you not only now but years down the line.

At AMM we collectively put all of our efforts in to building you the best plate boat we can and treat each build as if it was to be one of our very own. We will not deliver a boat unless we are proud to put our name and reputation to her.

The build, be it a hardcore offshore fishing boat, or a long range cruiser with many creature comforts, is just the start of the relationship we forge with our customers.

When we handover a new vessel to the owners we like to think of it as welcoming a new member to the inner circle of the AMM family.